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Based upon the evidence we have, we can safely assume that John Courtney Clio Elcock and Clara Matilda Chase may have been born in Bardados, in Redman Village, sometime in the mid 1850s-1870s. This assumption is based upon information in the birth certificate of one of their children, Errol Francis Elcock, who was born in 1893, in Barbados.


So assuming that Errol was the first child of 20 year old Clara Matilda’s , she would have been born in 1873. If any family member has a copy of birth records, or any other material, pertaining to John Courtney Clio Elcock and Clara Matilda Chase, please let us know. 🙂

Elcock.Us is a historical blog that tries to capture the rich history of the Elcocks’ of Mahaica, Guyana (formerly British Guiana). The old folks are departing. In many ways, they have implored us “to remember to tell the younger ones where they came from.” We are such a large family…located all over the world. But, we are still family. We owe it to the kids to let them know their rich history. So, with input from all family, in all parts of the world, we have this working document. Hope you enjoy it!

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Late 1800s to Present – John and Matilda Elcock of Barbados